Center for Natural Law




Welcome to the Center for Natural Law. Our mission is to promote the natural law in our multifaceted modern world, and thereby attempt to enhance the integrity of our culture. We endeavor to advance our traditional Natural Law heritage through education, advocacy and outreach opportunities. For example, we publish our quarterly e-newsletter, the Gold Standard, to strive to enlighten our members and supporters with insightful articles and commentary. We expect to expand into new avenues of advancing the awareness and benefits of the Natural Law. We are committed to represent and advocate for the pre-eminent Natural Law tradition. 

This 'internal human compass' is a participatory reasoning in Divine Governance that brings enlightenment and prudence into our many times complicated world. The Natural Law provides the foundation for sound personal and social decisions. The natural moral law provides guidance and direction for family and community life, and it is supportive of life affirming practices and social institutions. The Natural Law establishes infrastructure for human institutions, and it informs their respective functions. Providentially, the natural human capacity to recognize what is true and good, what is genuine and worthy, secures confidence that facilitates our human fulfillments and flourishing development. 

The Natural Law is readily understood with some explanation and study. Knowledge of the Natural Law may be applied and incorporated into our daily lives and routine. We are here to assist you to achieve as much learning as possible. We encourage you to participate in the activities and programs of the Center for Natural Law to the extent that you find beneficial.  You are invited to offer your perspectives and suggestions as we endeavor to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Natural Law. Please join us!
Gregory J. LaPoint, M.A.