Center for Natural Law

 Distance Learning

Natural Law Academy: Natural Law Courses
Level I - This introduction to the Natural Law explores the challenges the human person faces in pursuing excellence. The foundations of the Natural Law and many of its essential components are studied. The Natural Law is defined along with it's practical applications. This is an essential course open to any person interested in learning about the Natural Law.
Level II - This level offers a deeper evaluation of the Natural Law. Students are provided with an analysis of its intelligibility, objectivity and universality. This establishes the philosophical support and defense of the Natural Law as an irreplaceable guide in human living. 


Level III - In this final level, an advanced application of the Natural Law is studied in key areas of modern society. Students take a closer look at the Natural Law in family life; and identifying deficiencies and strengths in social institutions. Examination and promotion of the Natural Law is developed in primary areas of community life; public policy matters are surveyed. 


Fees:                         Level I               $295         
                                  Level II              $295        
                                  Level III             $295

                               *Plus the cost of books. 
                    Certificate conferred upon completion.
     Students may choose to take only one level, or two or all three.