Center for Natural Law


What is the natural law?

Our success, health and happiness can be elevated to new heights if we follow the guidelines and designs that are part of our natural human makeup. We have the inherent ability to make consistently superior decisions in all areas of our lives with increased knowledge of the Natural Law. For example, we will make positive choices in family life, productive decisions in matters of employment, prudent decisions in daily activities and wise decisions at other times and places when we live consistently with our natural human design.


This God given gift is free, natural and readily available for us to discern the ways and means for the best possible outcomes. The Natural Law has been called “Christian common sense” and the “Light of understanding” as it continues to inform us of what is genuinely beneficial. 


This Christian philosophy examines the fascinating designs of the natural order in God's grand universe, and especially in human nature. Natural Law serves to inform and enrich our earthly journey. We can discover and utilize this power within ourselves to govern the routine and goals in our lives and those who are close to us. Given the enormous potential for distraction in our modern world, we might decline to exercise this natural capability and choose less than what is best in important matters. As a sure remedy the Natural Law can inform parents, for example, to organize their families in ways that will maximize stability, unity, contentment and growth.


Join the Center for Natural Law. We offer you information and direction that will serve to enhance your own endowment of human goodness and purpose for the benefit of your family and the community.