Center for Natural Law



Gregory LaPoint was born in Los Angeles in 1957 and raised in California. After graduating from St. Michael's Preparatory High School in Silverado, California, he moved to Colorado.


In Denver, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from Regis College. Next, he attended the University of San Diego for graduate studies in Civics. Subsequently, he earned his Master of Arts degree in theology, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Connecticut.


Greg has been self-employed in the business services industry for the last 25 years. He lives and has family in Denver.

His Christian faith is of central importance to him, and he is committed to promoting the Natural Law, because it offers the greatest single benefit for many modern social institutions. He believes that this Christian philosophy provides the foundation and guidelines for successful living, happy families, and productive communities.


He is committed to developing and expanding the Center for Natural Law, because it is designed to assist and educate people about this natural theistic Christian philosophy. The Center will advocate for the Natural Law to individuals, social and religious organizations, governmental and educational institutions,and it will offer an online distance learning program and outreach. The Natural Law is a source of guidance which we discover in the very design of humanity. To the extent that we are able to rediscover and reapply Natural Law precepts and principles, will be the extent to which many social challenges will be resolved. It will encourage stronger families, thriving communities, more responsible decision-making in all areas of our lives. The Natural Law will also serve to introduce more responsible financial and economic decisions. The government will find an optimal and restrained level of service thereby maximizing liberty within our communities.