Welcome to the Center for Natural Law. Our mission is to promote the natural law in our multifaceted modern world and thereby attempt to enhance the integrity of our culture.


We are delighted and committed to advocate for the pre-eminent natural law tradition.


Our Mission

The Natural Law has been called “Christian common sense” and the “light of understanding” as it continues to inform us of what is genuinely beneficial. 


This Christian philosophy examines the fascinating designs of the natural order in Gods grand universe, and especially in human nature, that then serves to inform and enrich our earthly journey. You can discover and utilize this power within yourself to govern the routine and goals in your life and those who are close to you.

Gregory LaPoint hails from Los Angeles and graduated from St. Michael's Preparatory High School in Silverado, Calif. After moving to Colorado, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from Regis College and his Master of Arts degree in theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Connecticut.

What is the natural law?

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